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Protect Parts, s.r.o. is the company we founded at the end of 2019. We mainly deal with trading in steel products which are then used mainly in the military sector and other security forces. Our ambition is to become a leader in the industry. We closely cooperate with the most important European manufacturers of armor, authorized institutes and centres focused on research and testing of armor materials. Due to the nature of its activities, the company holds authorization to trade with military materials and dual-use materials.

Burning the parts by the company called Protect Parts.
Machining the parts by the company called Protect Parts.

Our main domain lies in armored metal plates designed for production of parts of military equipment and technologies. However, we also trade in materials used for production of special parts which are then used in the civil sector – in banks for example. We also produce semi-finished products like for instance burns, edged or curved parts and workpieces; and we also deliver their complete assemblies. We also provide our customers with the opportunity for professional advice. We will be happy to help you with both the initial phase of prototyping and serial production itself. Our clients include not only the customers from the Czech Republic but also those from the whole territory of Europe – mostly Central and Eastern Europe.

Our clients come from all territories of Europe

The company Protect Parts originates in the Czech Republic. It is therefore obvious that many of our clients come from here. However, our products are also demanded elsewhere in the world. We regularly cooperate with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and we believe that our success will extend beyond the borders of Europe in the future.

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