Let's protect our safety

Feeling of security makes us more secured. In an ideal world, there would be no need for the means of protection. However, real life still shows us that we have not yet reached this condition. Therefore, it is recommended to have someone to cover your back. We are the company called Protect Parts and we contribute to making safe life a matter of course for you.

Armored metal plates from the most important manufacturers allover the world

We deal with purchase and sale of metal plates, mainly focusing on various types of armor. We buy material from the world’s most important manufacturers. As for the armor materials, we also produce semi-finished products such as burned blanks, edged or curved parts, workpieces or complete sets. We also provide our customers with professional advice on creation of prototypes and their subsequent serial production.

Výroba pancéřového plechu firmou Protect Parts.

“We want to become a leader in the field of armor materials processing. We value our clients and want to give them the best.”

– Marek Pácalt, executive director of Protect Parts

ProtectParts - Armor plates from the world's best manufacturers

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Our clients come from all territories of Europe

The company Protect Parts originates in the Czech Republic. It is therefore obvious that many of our clients come from here. However, our products are also demanded elsewhere in the world. We regularly cooperate with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and we believe that our success will extend beyond the borders of Europe in the future.

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